Friday, May 19, 2017

Last blog

LAST BLOG WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! But blogging hasn't been too bad and I have enjoyed reading other people's blogs and sometimes I liked writing them. These next few days are going to be pretty busy but it's fun busy so I'm excited. Also I have a lot of big tests this next week and I am very upset about it but it's okay, I'll survive. On Sunday one of the high school cross country girls are throughing a barbecue type thing for the whole team and I'm a tad nervous. First of all India Johnson is going to be there and she's a legend. And it's just gonna be a bunch of fast, pretty, high school girls and I am not prepared to be the awkward freshman. Also can we talk about how high school is happening. Like wow! In elementary school I remember high school being so far away and here I am. I think these four years are going to go by very quickly and I am not prepared to be an adult. That's a very scary word. Adult. Ew. Okay bye have a good day!